Message from President Mayfield on 2014 Election Results

Dear Members,

SEIU Members There are two words to sum up the Election 2014 results – Bitter Sweet.  Where we  have several critical victories at federal, state and local level, at the same time wishes  and aspirations of working families suffered a huge set back at the hands of self-interest  big money groups.

 SEIU Florida worked with a broad coalition of groups who together mobilized millions  of everyday Floridians around the issues they care about in spite of a heavily funded  mudslinging campaign in this election.

 Despite a narrow-margin victory of the incumbent Governor Rick Scott, what the  campaign was able to achieve is a mobilized base that is eager to continue to fight for  Florida’s future and make Gov. Scott and Legislature accountable to the working families.

Together, with the labor and progressive groups, we sought to mobilize 25% non-white share of voter turnout (compared to 21% in 2010), maintain close to vote-share parity with conservatives (compared to 6 point deficit in 2010), increase progressive turnout and focus on building off of Vote by Mail gains of 2012 as well as a strong Early Vote program.

We successfully knocked on a total of 2.7 million doors, 500,000 face to face conversations (completing three passes through the entire GOTV universe), deployed 1,500 canvassers out of more than 50 offices across the state, made 1.8 million phone calls and coordinated 3 million flights of direct mail. To supplement the strong field effort, SEIU reached an additional 500,000 voters by overlaying synchronized media, visibility and surrogacy components.

Nationally, we are seeing increasing support to raise wages and make our economy work for all of us, not just the wealthy few. Our members and partners knocked on 4.9 million doors and made over 1 million phone calls to battleground states.

Even though we are not happy with the results, but we are confident in the power of our members. We know that we have critical challenges ahead, particularly during the 2015 legislative session where our pension, healthcare and public schools will be on the cutting board. We believe that together with our members we will stand up against all these attacks and send a loud and clear message to Tallahassee – You can BUY elections but the FUTURE of our hard working families is not for SALE.

So Let us move forward

Let us keep on fighting for working families and our children

Let us show Tallahassee what Florida’s working families can do!

Please click here for more information about the results of SEIU’s endorsements.


Stronger Together,

President Alphonso Mayfield

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