Contract Passes!

Contract Passes!

More than 400 employees with the City of St. Petersburg voted on the tentative agreement bargained by SEIU Florida Public Services Union’s bargaining committee. We are pleased to announce that this contract was ratified by membership with than 83% voting in favor of the new agreement.

Steps Will Stay!

The Union has stood firm on the principle of Equal Pay for Equal Work. We demanded that Annual Step Raises be maintained and we have secured this right for Blue Collar Employees for 2015. Step Raises will go into effect on the employee’s anniversary date and range from 2%–13.9% depending on seniority.

Merit Raises Not Tied to Evaluations

The Union has argued that Merit Raises should not be based on subjective evaluations. We have bargained for a 3% Merit Raise that will not be contingent upon on receiving a satisfactory performance evaluation for White Collar Employees.

2% Raise for Maxed-out Employees

All Blue and White Collar Employees who are at the maximum in their respective pay band will receive a 2% general wage increase. This general wage increase will go into effect December 29, 2014.

Minimum Wage raised to $12.50

The Union has bargained to raise the City’s base rate to a living wage of $15.00. Effective December 29, 2014 the base rate will be raised to $12.50 for all fulltime employees and part-timers who have at least 5 years of service with the City. We will continue to bargain for a $15.00 living wage in future negotiations.

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