Update on Dues

Changes in FPSU Bylaws: The amendments are in Article X (Revenue). These changes are mainly related to ensuring that the Union has alternative and efficient means of dues collection in case employers stop deducting the dues through paycheck as a result of the changes in the laws. These changes will give us the ability to strengthen the union and keep on protecting our rights and contracts. The Union is proposing a flat rate of 35 dollars. For AESOP members this flat rate dues structure will be implemented with gradual annual increases in a total of five years and for the first year it will be 25 dollars a month. 

For questions please contact SEIU Florida Public Services Union at 561-965-0077


With regards, 

Jessie Brown


AESOP Officers

Stephen Voss, 1st Vice President

Dorothy Sanky, 2nd Vice President 

Leah Green, Recording/Corresponding Secretary 

Kisha Dominique, Treasurer 

LeTawndra Wilkins, Historian

Pierre Millien, Parliamentarian 

View and print your own Inservice records via Peoplesoft

All employees have the ability to view and print their own inservice records via PeopleSoft.

TCS (Time Collection Device) Information

The School District has opened the portal for employees to view their TCD punches.

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