Executive Board & Officers


Alphonso Mayfield


Vice President for Operations: Sonya Roundtree (Pinellas County School District)

Vice President for Finance: Richard “Mac” MacDonald (Pinellas County School District)

Vice President for Political Strength: Cheryl Lewis-Hamilton (Headstart – Jacksonville)

Vice President for Organizing: Brian “Cricket” Brehm (City of St. Pete)

Vice President for Member Strength: Fredrick English (City of Orlando)

Executive Board Members

Retiree Representative

Talmadge Andrews, Statewide

Northern Region (Jacksonville) 

Other: Robin Kirkpatrick

Central Region (Orlando/Lake County)

Donald Graham, Cities Representative
Earnie Farnsworth, Schools Representative
Sandy Gamble, Member Size

Western Region (Pinellas/Hillsborough)

Jose Santiago, Other
Marcus Kincaid, Other
Leon Smiley, Member Density 1
Rebecca Dean, Schools Representative
Mike Plott, Member Size
Kevin Jackson, Cities Representative

Eastern Region (Palm Beach)

Joyce Lynch, Schools Representative
Cary Alderman, Membership Size 1
Jane Brown, Membership Size 2
Eduardo Nunez, Membership Size 3
Maurice Spence, Member Density 2
George “Jorge” Torres, Other (Palm Tran)
Eliezer Torres, Member Density 1
Henry “Hank” Dean, Cities Representative


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