Tentative Agreement

After five months of negotiations during the pandemic and resulting economic impact, the SEIU-Florida Public Services Union bargaining committee and the City of West Palm Beach have reached tentative agreement on a new three year (2020-2023) collective bargaining agreement. Please click here to review the contract changes.

In year one, payable the first pay period after October 1, 2020, there will be a 3% across the board increase to all bargaining unit employees. We will meet with the city in April 2021 to discuss wages in years two and three of the agreement.

(Note, maximum wage rates apply and any increase above max rate will be in a lump sum. See contract Article 24.1 for details.)

Ratification Voting Times & Locations

There will be a secret ballot ratification vote on Thursday, September 10th at sites and times listed below:

  • Sanitation Department | 5am–6am
  • Parks and Recreation | 6:30am–7:30am
    1145 Okeechobee Rd Conference Room
  • O&M (Middle Bay) | 1:15pm–2:15pm 
  • Wastewater Reclamation Facility | 3pm–4pm
    (Board Meeting Room)
  • Water Plant | 3pm–4pm
    (2nd Floor Conference Room)
  • City Hall | 11am–1pm
    (1st Floor Conference Room by Construction Services)
  • Police Department | 4pm–5:30pm
    (Community Room)

Contracts & Agreements

Health Insurance


  • Christopher Mclendon, Water Treatment Plant
  • Cathy Widdoes, Emergency Comm Spec III
  • Allen Sutton, Parking Dept.
  • Dan Kempa, Water Dept.
  • Patrick Tranchese, Streets
  • Stew/Advisory Council: Bonnie Kamp, Water Treatment Plant
  • Stew/Advisory Council: Alden Wilder, Drainages
  • Worksite Leader: Amy Blackman, Parks and Recreation
  • Keith Jones Sanitation o Fernando Loza

Employer Address

401 Clematis St
West Palm Beach, FL 33401-5319
(561) 822-2222