Tentative Agreement

We are pleased to announce that in spite of the ongoing pandemic and resulting economic impacts, the SEIU-Florida Public Services Union bargaining committee and the Village of Palm Springs have reached tentative agreement on the wage reopener for the 2020–2021 bargaining agreement. Please click here to review the contract changes.

If passed, all bargaining unit members will receive a 3% across the board increase. Additionally, all those not currently “topped-out” will receive an additional 2% increase with a 28 or higher evaluation score for regular employees or a 37 or higher score for supervisory employees. The FPSU bargaining committee will resume negotiations on the full successor contract in the summer 2021.

The secret ballot ratification vote will be held Wednesday, September 16th at 226 Cypress Lane Leisure Activity Building (behind basketball courts) from 11am—4pm

All are permitted and encouraged to the witness vote count at the end of each voting period. A final vote count for each bargaining unit will be transmitted via email upon the conclusion of vote after the final tally.


  • John Brown, Utilities
  • Thairone Blanchette, Utilities
  • Stew/Advisory Council: Neal Tuminski, Utilities

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