Contract Proposal for April 8, 2022 Bargaining Session 

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Contract Highlights – 10/29/2020

  • Increased Compensation
    All adjuncts at MDC teaching credited classes will receive a general wage increase of at least 1.9%. For adjunct faculty with terminal degrees in their respective field, the wage increase will total 11.9%. This is a huge win for adjunct faculty that will raise the floor for everyone and finally puts an end to disrespectful poverty wages for MDC adjuncts in our union.
  • Class Cancelation Fee
    No longer will we go uncompensated for our time and effort preparing classes that are abruptly canceled. For canceled courses with no alternative classes, adjuncts will receive a one-time payment of $150. This item addresses our demand that the administration value and recognize the work we do to prepare for classroom learning. It also discourages last-minute cancellations that can severely impact our ability to financially plan and ultimately make ends meet.

  • Union Representation
    By passing our first contract we will secure an array of rights that give us a voice in the workplace like never before. This is possible because we came together and formed our union, giving us a seat at the table while making critical decisions that impact operations at MDC. Among these include a grievance procedure that establishes a systematic and transparent process to address violations of our agreement and defend the rights of union members at Miami Dade College. We are also entitled to bargain the impacts of any future changes that may impact our compensation or working conditions, including those related to COVID-19.
  • First-Round Interviews
    We successfully bargained to ensure that adjuncts will be given first-round interviews for full-time positions that become open. This will lead to more job stability and security for MDC adjuncts and promote the professional development of the current faculty.
  • Compensation for Large/Small Class Sizes
    In acknowledgment of the increased workload resulting from larger class sizes, we won increased compensation for classes with enrollment above 49 students. Adjunct faculty will be assigned additional class points for every four students added. In order to prevent the cancellation of classes with low enrollment, smaller classes may be scheduled for reduced points or at a reduced hourly rate if agreed to by the adjunct.
  • Pay for Administrative Work Assignments
    In order to maximize supplemental pay and ensure non-instructional work assignments are fairly compensated, we bargained to set a minimum rate of $20 per hour for all administrative work assigned by the College. 
  • Substitute Rate
    In our effort to set clear standards around pay for all adjuncts, we negotiated a minimum rate of $22 per hour for substitute work at the College.

  • Economic Reopener in 2021
    We secured the right to continue bargaining for increased compensation and assignments early next year. This will allow us to reopen negotiations on economic issues while reinforcing our position that much more needs to be done to ensure the financial stability of adjuncts that comprise the vast majority of educators at the college.

  • Academic Freedom Language
    To protect the integrity of our work as educators we pushed for contractual language that codifies adjuncts’ right to academic freedom. Faculty engaged in teaching, research, and creative activities shall be free to cultivate a spirit of inquiry and scholarly criticism while examining ideas in an atmosphere of freedom and confidence. Faculty are entitled to freedom in discussing their subject in the classroom and are protected from institutional censorship or discipline.

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