It’s About Labor, Not Labels.

SEIU’s International Executive Board started on the journey to create the National Conservative Member Engagement Committee (CMEC) over two years ago in an effort to more deeply engage our conservative members who make up as much as 23% of our Union.  This committee has been imagined from the beginning to meet members where they are and to unleash their power where it makes sense around our shared agenda.

The work completed by the CMEC has shown the union that there is tremendous common ground to be found with our members once we get past party – “it’s about labor not labels” as one committee member likes to say.

This concept became most evident through the CMEC’s listening tour where member leaders hosted sessions in their Locals around the country aimed at better understanding conservative members’ values, fears, hopes and beliefs

As that work continues to expand on the national level, FPSU is committed to bringing it here to our Local in Florida and would like to invite you to a listening session as part of this Union-wide effort to create deeper engagement and build a more powerful voice.

We hope you will join us and other local conservative union members in this effort.