Contract Ratification Vote Update

Greetings All SEIU-Represented Palm Beach Schools Employees, (AESOP, Regular, ECP-Paraprofessionals, and Supervisory)


Members of the SEIU/AESOP Bargaining units have overwhelmingly voted to approve the 2024 Wage Agreement during a two-week ratification vote at over 100 School District worksites.

Official Results: 

AESOP: 942 Yes, 0 No. (100% Yes)

SEIU Regular:1,286 Yes, 5 No. (99.61% Yes)

SEIU-ECP-Paraprofessionals: 378 Yes, 2 No. (99.47% Yes.)

SEIU Supervisory: 129 Yes, 0 No. (100% Yes.)

Wage Agreement Brief:

After three months of negotiations, the SEIU-Florida Public Services Union Regular, ECP-Paraprofessionals, and Supervisory bargaining committee and the District have reached a tentative agreement on the 2024 wage increase, set to go into effect January 1, 2024.

Similar to last year, to help alleviate wage compression, the across the board increases are based upon full years of service with the District.

0-1.99 Years: 4.5% base wage increase
2-5.99 Years: 5.0% base wage increase
6-9.99 Years: 5.25% base wage increase
10 Years or More: 6.0% base wage increase

Plus, each bargaining unit member will receive a one time payment of 3% or $1,500, whatever is greater, which if we ratify by 12/8, will be paid on 12/22.

In addition, the District will increase the distance between each pay grade from 3% to 3.25%, which will also help alleviate future wage compression between grades.

Furthermore, we will be posting the full tentative agreement on the Union’s website showing changes to Dues Deductions to be compliant with new state laws, a minor procedural change to the Progressive Discipline article, an agreement for the Union and District to form a committee to look at educational incentive awards next year, and an increase to Special Needs Paraprofessionals compensation making it based on a per hour ($2.25) basis rather than an annual stipend ($2,300.)

If you are not yet a member, or you have not yet transitioned your union membership to the new membership portal, or wish to join the Union and help build power for workers, do so by clicking this link.

-Joseph Brenner, SEIU-FPSU Negotiator

Tentative Agreement Document 

SEIU-FPSU TA 11-16-23

Coalition Insurance Bargaining: PBCSD Insurance Coalition Bargaining 2023

  • Sabrina Adolphin, ECP (Village Academy)
  • Donna Barach, Para Pro (Park Vista High School)
  • Marie Line Joseph, Para Pro (Jaeger Middle)
  • Carry Alderman, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Frantz Lucien, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Jacquelin D. Griffith, Transportation (North Compound)
  • Cassandra Johnson, Transportation (Royal Palm)
  • Joyce Lynch, Transportation (Royal Palm)
  • Donna Schendera, Food Service Manager (Floating Manager)
  • Rhonda Miller, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Virginia Brooks, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Henry Edward, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Ute Hass, (Food service Worker)
  • Debra McGraw, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Doris Monttley, (Maintenance Department)
  • Shonique Mottley, (Maintenance Department)
  • Jeff Sears, (Maintenance Department)
  • Sir Howard McKinon, (North Compound)
  • Lenum Fields, (Head Custodian)
  • Stacy Graham, (South Compound)

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