Ratification Information

The SEIU-Florida Public Services Union bargaining committee in the Regular, Paraprofessional, and Supervisory Units have reached a tentative agreement on the 2021 collective bargaining agreement with the Palm Beach County School District. The proposal features a 3.5% increase to the base wage rate for all bargaining unit members.

We’ve scheduled a virtual meeting to discuss the tentative agreement on Monday 2/1 @ 630pm (https://meet.google.com/tpt-iksu-wik) and will release your electronic ballot to your employee email account at that time. You will be able to vote until 4pm on Thursday 2/4. You cannot change your vote after submitting your ballot.

Votes will be counted on a public, virtual meeting open to all bargaining units on Thursday 2/4 @ 4pm (meet.google.com/szw-txwc-qcz). All bargaining members, regardless of membership status, are permitted to vote.


  • Sabrina Adolphin, ECP (Village Academy)
  • Donna Barach, Para Pro (Park Vista High School)
  • Marie Line Joseph, Para Pro (Jaeger Middle)
  • Jane Brown Transportation (South Compound)
  • Debra Walker, Transportation (West Compound)
  • Carry Alderman, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Frantz Lucien, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Jacquelin D. Griffith, Transportation (North Compound)
  • Cassandra Johnson, Transportation (Royal Palm)
  • Joyce Lynch, Transportation (Royal Palm)
  • Donna Schendera, Food Service Manager (Floating Manager)
  • Rhonda Miller, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Virginia Brooks, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Henry Edward, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Ute Hass, (Food service Worker)
  • Evangeline Patterson, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Debra McGraw, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Nalinie Sign, Para Pro (Royal Palm School)
  • Doris Monttley, (Maintenance Department)
  • Shonique Mottley, (Maintenance Department)
  • Jeff Sears, (Maintenance Department)
  • Sir Howard McKinon, (North Compound)
  • Lenum Fields, (Head Custodian)
  • Stacy Graham, (South Compound)

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