Workshops are sponsored by AESOP to afford its members the opportunity to acquire the in-service points required to qualify for the Educational Incentive Award. See page 46 of the AESOP Contract. Prior registration is required to attend all AESOP workshops.

Please follow the following steps for the workshop registration.

  1. Go to PeopleSoft
  2. Go to eLearning
  3. Go to Search Catalog
  4. Enter AESOP in the “Search the Catalog” blank.
  5. Click “Search Activities”
  6. Look for the date of the class you want to enroll in
  7. Click “Enroll” for the class you want to attend
You must scan in the workshop follow-up as soon as possible after the workshop, and complete the survey or you will not receive your points for attendance.  If you can not attend the class you are enrolled in, please go back to My Learning and Drop the class.