Contract Approved by Employees

The SEIU Florida Public Services Union represented employees at the City of West Palm Beach have approved a two-year contract on wages, which provides wage increases of five percent (5%), each of the new two years, starting the first pay period of FY2021-22 and five percent (5%) in October 2022.  Additionally, some classifications that are reclassified, will see an increase in the the minimum and maximum of their respective range. (Note, reclassifications do not result in a change to the base wage of workers in a position unless the wage rate falls below the minimum or it moves to the new maximum).



  • Cathy Widdoes, Emergency Comm Spec III
  • Allen Sutton, Parking Dept.
  • Dan Kempa, Water Dept.
  • Patrick Tranchese, Streets
  • Stew/Advisory Council: Bonnie Kamp, Water Treatment Plant
  • Stew/Advisory Council: Alden Wilder, Drainages
  • Worksite Leader: Amy Blackman, Parks and Recreation
  • Keith Jones Sanitation o Fernando Loza

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