We are back in Bargaining on Friday, September 15

Join your Member-led Committee on the West Campus in 8-111 at 1pm 

Your member-led bargaining committee is set to meet with the administration this Friday, Sept. 15, on the West Campus in 8-111. 

This will be the first session in this round of bargaining with the full agreement open for negotiation. You can view your current Collective Bargaining Agreement here.

Your committee needs your support and is requesting that all workers fill out a bargaining survey  to assist them in crafting proposals. In addition, the committee will call a membership meeting to review the session and seek feedback from members on the best course of action.

As we continue to build power and work to improve the working conditions of all Part Time Faculty and Instructors your support will be critical. 

If you have not updated your membership, you can do so here.

Click Here for your Current Collective Bargaining Agreement


Where’s my raise? Now that the agreement has been ratified by all parties, your raise will apply to all hours worked from now on.

Will I receive any Retro Pay for the time I’ve worked so far this Spring? Your committee crafted multiple proposals regarding retro and one-time payments to push for fair and equitable compensation through the bargaining process. Yet, as Pres. Plinske said in her remarks to the BoT on Jan. 19, the College followed the Board’s directives throughout the bargaining process. Since none of the College’s wage offers included any retroactive wage provisions, it seems clear that this is what the College and the Board wanted: unfortunately, there are no retro payments for hours worked prior to the ratification of the CBA.

We have Weingarten Rights now, correct? Yes! You are now the only group of workers at Valencia College that have the right to a representative in any discussion with your manager that may lead to discipline. More on your new Rights here.

How do I secure a Union Representative if I need one? First, you must already be a dues paying member of your union. Next, head to your union’s website (link above) to reach out to your contacts, or reply to the most recent union email you’ve received from us and let us know!

Who is bargaining for me? We have established a bargaining committee made up of faculty and instructors at Valencia College. This committee continually seeks feedback from all bargaining unit members as issues are discussed and the crafts and brings these issues in the form of proposals to the College in our open to the public bargaining sessions. 

How can I get involved? First, by joining your union at fpsumember.com. Next, your committee holds plenary sessions via Zoom for union members usually before bargaining sessions to discuss proposals. Please look for our emails for these invitations. Finally, stay in touch with your organizers and leaders. We will have a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to enforce once bargaining is concluded. It will be up to the members to make sure it is followed bay all parties.

How much are dues? Dues are $17 a month, payable once a month by credit or debit card on https://fpsu.unioni.se/signup

Who is SEIU? Who is FPSU? SEIU is one of the largest unions in the United States. Florida Public Services Union (FPSU) is a local union under the SEIU international. FPSU represents public sector workers throughout Florida and encompasses not only our adjunct Higher Ed units, but also K-12 support staff and municipal workers in West, Central, and Southern Florida.

Final Voting Results of the Spring 2023 CBA Ratification

Location Day Yes No Provisional
Lake Nona 1/17/23 2 0 0
Winter Park 1/17/23 3 0 0
West Campus 1/17/23 7 0 0
East Campus 1/17/23 8 0 0
DAY 1 Totals   20 0 0
Osceola 1/18/23 6 1 0
Poinciana 1/18/23 1 0 1
West 1/18/23 9 2 O
East 1/18/23 10 1 O
DAY 2 Totals   26 4 1
Final Totals   46 4 1

Union Representatives

Coming soon! Please contact your Lead Organizer below if you have any concerns.


      • Ryan Rilea, Lead Organizer  |  407-693-2067  |  ryan.rilea@seiufpsu.org

Union Hall

SEIU-FPSU 400 Hibiscus Street #200 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Phone 561.965.0077