Bargaining Announcement: December 9 at 2pm on the West Campus, Room 8-111

We are set for bargaining on December 9, at 2pm on the West Campus in 8-111. There was progress in the last session and we now have our sights on the counteroffer on the economic package from the College. 

Please join your Member-led bargaining team on Friday for what we hope will be an important session.

Also, we would like to wish all Part Time Faculty and Instructors a happy and safe holiday.

A Message from your Bargaining Committee:

Dear Part Time Faculty and Instructors at Valencia College. 

Your member-led Bargaining Committee is currently negotiating your union’s first collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The CBA will cover certain areas of your working conditions, including: pay, benefits, and other areas agreed upon by the two parties. Since the workers of Valencia college voted to create their union in June of 2021, your Bargaining Committee immediately reached out to Valencia for the first bargaining session which the college finally agreed to meet on November 19, 2021.  Your Bargaining Committee has met with the college in four sessions, and have yet to reach an agreement. On June 6, 2022 a complete proposal as requested by the college was submitted. 

Here is a list of important items that your Bargaining Committee has included in this June 6th, 2022 proposal:

Pay – An across the board wage increase of 19.75% for all part time faculty and instructors. Proposal made on February 3, 2022, college has yet to counter.

Course Cancellation Payment – When a course is canceled within two weeks of the start of a semester and no alternative course is provided, the faculty member or instructor will receive a $250 one-time payment for each such cancellation. 

Pay for Service to the College – When part time faculty or instructors are requested to serve on any committee, student club, or organization they will be compensated at their contact hour rate for that service.

Job Stability – After teaching 30 contact hours, part time faculty shall be offered a minimum of 6 contact hours per Fall and Spring term, and a minimum of 3 contact hours in the Summer term.

Paid Time Off (PTO) – Part time faculty and instructors that need to take time off for unforeseen or scheduled and approved absences will be credited for each semester with 1 hour of PTO for each contact hour taught that term.

Guaranteed First Round Interviews for Full Time Faculty and Instructor Positions – Part time faculty and instructors that meet the minimum requirements for a full time position will be guaranteed a first round interview.  


Who is bargaining for me? We have established a bargaining committee made up of faculty and instructors at Valencia College. This committee continually seeks feedback from all bargaining unit members as issues are discussed and the crafts and brings these issues in the form of proposals to the College in our open to the public bargaining sessions. 

How can I get involved? First, by joining your union at Next, your committee holds plenary sessions via Zoom for union members usually before bargaining sessions to discuss proposals. Please look for our emails for these invitations. Finally, stay in touch with your organizers and leaders. We will have a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to enforce once bargaining is concluded. It will be up to the members to make sure it is followed bay all parties.

How much are dues? Dues are 1.56% of income and will start being deducted following the ratification of the CBA. No one is paying dues at this time.

Where’s my raise? Wages and other working conditions are subject to the CBA and are currently being negotiated with the College. Once the agreement is ratified, wages will be increased following the terms of the CBA. Your committee is determined to bargain a fair wage proposal, not a quick one. We encourage faculty and instructors to join your committee at all remaining bargaining sessions to communicate that you expect the same.

Who is SEIU? Who is FPSU? SEIU is one of the largest unions in the United States. Florida Public Services Union (FPSU) is a local union under the SEIU international. FPSU represents public sector workers throughout Florida and encompasses not only our adjunct Higher Ed units, but also K-12 support staff and municipal workers in West, Central, and Southern Florida.

Why is this taking so long? Bargaining a first contract is always a tough process. As soon as your election victory was certified, your union requested dates to bargain. There were some initial delays, but we finally secured the first session in November, 2021. Since then, your bargaining committee members through the multiple sessions with the College have drafted and proposed a comprehensive proposal this past June in an effort to secure a fair agreement as soon as possible. Each proposal was crafted by the faculty and members on the committee to reflect the concerns of the bargaining unit. Now, we are waiting to hear back from the College on Sept. 28 at 1pm on the East Campus.  

Part time Faculty and Instructors are the first group of workers to unionize at Valencia College. We recognize that this process is cumbersome, but all efforts have been made to build better pay, better benefits, and job security for all part time faculty and instructors at Valencia College. It is now up to you to win these changes and make Valencia a more fair and equitable place to teach. 


      • Ryan Rilea, Lead Organizer  |  407-693-2067  |

Union Hall

SEIU-FPSU 400 Hibiscus Street #200 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Phone 561.965.0077