TA’d Agreement is Ratified for SSC Part Time Faculty

SSC Part Time Faculty,

With both the Part Time Faculty and Board of Trustees at SSC ratifying the Tentative Agreement, all eligible Part Time Faculty will see the payment go through on the final paycheck of this month.

We appreciate all members that participated on securing this agreement. 

Link to the Agreement is HERE

Voting Results


Yes: 8

No: 0

Provisional: 2


Yes: 6

No: 0

Provisional: 1


Yes: 2

No: 0

Provisional: 1


Yes: 0

No: 0

Provisional: 0

Past News/Updates

This brings an 8% increase in 2022 for Seminole State Part Time Faculty wages.

Seminole State College Part Time Faculty and SEIU Florida Public Services Union members have ratified their wage increase. Now the Board of Trustees will vote to ratify the wage increase on Jan. 23. 

We want to highlight and congratulate all the work that contributed to this win by members and leaders. Your member-led bargaining committee serves to improve the teaching conditions of all Part Time Faculty at Seminole State College.

Next Steps: Now that the workers have had their say and approved the Article 9 Wage Reopener the Agreement heads to the Seminole State Board of Trustees for a final ratification. The Board is set to meet on Jan 23, your union will keep you up-to-date on this process.

Also, we will start bargaining on the full Collective Bargaining Agreement this Spring Session so please be ready to join you fellow colleagues.

To continue this momentum and secure future wins we will need your contribution of talent and leadership to your union at Seminole State College. Let’s do this together.


As Part Time Faculty return there are several important events to prepare for as we look to pivotal year for your union. 

First, we have an Article 2 Consultation Meeting we are looking to schedule in late September or early October. These meetings allow Members to sit down with the College and address any issues or concerns regarding the implementation of the CBA, or other matters faculty would like to discuss. Please submit a survey to suggest items for this meeting. We will follow up with the minutes of the meeting to all Part Time Faculty.

Next, from the Article 9 Wage Reopener we have another round of wage bargaining to begin later this Fall Session. This will provide another opportunity to secure a wage increase for the Spring 2023 Session. We will be in touch with members to prepare for these important bargaining sessions shortly.

Finally, the current CBA is set to expire in June of 2023. We will begin bargaining the entire CBA shortly as well. It is vital that Part Time Faculty organize to secure gains at the bargaining table. 

If you are not a dues paying member, please sign up and join your fellow faculty and become a member of your union today!

Final Contracts & Agreements


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