2023 Contract Campaign Update

Historic gains made in new tentative agreement with City of St. Petersburg are ratified by the members

Historic gains made in the new contract between the City of St. Petersburg and SEIU Florida Public Services Union has been ratified by an overwhelming majority of the City workers. The five-day ratification was held at various City location from May 8th to 12th, 2023. Below is vote count for all three bargaining units represented by SEIU FPSU.


SEIU Florida Public Services Union has reached a tentative agreement on a three-year deal with the City of St Petersburg. Your member-led bargaining team secured the largest raises in 40 years through yearly base wage increases and additional annual wage growth.

For the next three years, all workers will receive a 3.5% base wage increase at the beginning of each City fiscal year. In addition, after more than a decade for Blue Collar and for the first time for White Collar and Professional workers a new Step Program gives most employees an additional raise on their classification anniversary date. 

The first 3.5% raise will happen on October, 1st 2023. Step Program raises follow during the fiscal year. For any workers not already maxed out this means two raises a year. This Step Program helps to more firmly establish equal pay for equal work in the City of St. Petersburg.

In order to receive Step Program raises workers must meet core competencies. With 98% of city workers already meeting core competencies, your member-led bargaining team has established a robust process to ensure raises are received. 

Tentative Agreements



Chief Stewards

  • Cricket Brehm  |  727-512-3747  |  Parks & Rec / Water Resources
  • Kelly Leavens  |  727-278-9666  |  Water Resources
  • Patrick Camp  |  727.252.9424  |  Fleet Management
  • Kevin Jackson  |  727-238-1927  |  Pavement & Traffic

Worksite/Department Contacts

Robin Conyers 727-542-9743

MSC Building
Peter Fritsch 727-466-8116

Water Resources
Tim Ott 727-455-5298

Robert Gordon 727-557-7137
Patrick Jenkins 727-254-2280

Leisure Services / Park & Rec
Brian “Cricket” Brehm (727) 512-3747

Kim Weiss 727-851-5063

Kevin Jackson (727) 238-1927

Contracts & Agreements

Union Hall

1202 66th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710