Contract Ratification Election • February 23–24

SEIU Florida Public Services Union has reached tentative agreement on a two-year deal with the City of St Petersburg. Your member-led bargaining team has secured 3% in Step-Progression Pay for employees that will not be tied to annual evaluations. Employees will also receive a 3% General Wage Increase (GWI) for a total increase of 6% for workers still in their pay bands. Both of these raises will be retroactive back to September 27, 2021.

To finalize these increases, the tentative agreements for BCU/WCU and PRO must be approved by a majority of SEIU-represented employees. This election has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 23 and Thursday February 24. Please see below for a full listing of scheduled times and locations.

Please click here to review the terms of the Blue and White Collar (BCU/WCU) agreement in full. Click here to review the terms of the Professional (PRO) agreement with all proposed changes. You can also calculate your proposed raise by using our wage increase calculator.

City of St Petersburg Ratification Election
Wednesday, February 23 – Thursday, February 24

Joe Savage Sanitation Complex
Wednesday, February 23 | 5am–7am
Thursday, February 24 | 5am–7am
2001 28th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33713
Muster Room

James Weldon Johnson Community Library
Wednesday, February 23 | 10am–2pm
1059 18th Ave S, St Petersburg, FL 33705

Parks and Recreations Administration Building
Wednesday, February 23 | 6am–7am • 2pm–330pm
Thursday, February 24 | 6am–7am • 2pm–330pm – Rodrigo
1400 19th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33713

Enoch Davis Recreation Center
Wednesday, February 23 | 8am–10am
1111 18th Ave S, St Petersburg, FL 33705

Municipal Services Center
Wednesday, February 23 | 8am–11am
Thursday, February 24 | 8am–11am
1 4th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33701
Room 400

Fleet Management
Wednesday, February 23 | 6am–8am • 3pm–4pm
Thursday, February 24 | 6am–8am • 3pm–4pm
7th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33713
Conference Room

St Petersburg Traffic Operations
Wednesday, February 23 | 6am–8am • 2pm–4pm
1744 9th Ave N, St Petersburg, Florida 33713
Break Room

Water Resources Administration Building
Wednesday, February 23 | 6am–8am • 2pm–4pm
Thursday, February 24 | 6am–8am • 2pm–4pm
1650 3rd Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33713
Muster Room

Police Department
Wednesday, February 23 | 530am–8am • 230pm–4pm
1301 1st Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33705
EOC 1065

City Hall
Wednesday, February 23 | 10am–2pm – Kelly
175 5th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33701

Wednesday, February 23 | 5pm–7pm
Thursday, February 24 | 5pm–7pm
1202 66th St N, St Petersburg, 33710

All members and nonmembers are permitted to vote at any voting location listed below. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your union representative or reply to this email. If you are not currently a member, please join online today and support the men and women who make this important work possible in your workplace and community.

Chief Stewards

  • Cricket Brehm  |  727-512-3747  |  Parks & Rec / Water Resources
  • Kelly Leavens  |  727-278-9666  |  Water Resources
  • Patrick Camp  |  727.252.9424  |  Fleet Management
  • Kevin Jackson  |  727-238-1927  |  Pavement & Traffic

Worksite/Department Contacts

Robin Conyers 727-542-9743

MSC Building
Peter Fritsch 727-466-8116

Water Resources
Tim Ott 727-455-5298

Robert Gordon 727-557-7137
Patrick Jenkins 727-254-2280

Leisure Services / Park & Rec
Brian “Cricket” Brehm (727) 512-3747

Kim Weiss 727-851-5063

Kevin Jackson (727) 238-1927

Contracts & Agreements

Union Hall

1202 66th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710