US Unions and Companies Condemn Election Fraud ‘Falsehood’ on January 6 Anniversary

January 6, 2022 One of Washington’s top business groups condemned those perpetuating “the falsehood of an illegitimate 2020 presidential election” as the anniversary of last year’s violence at the...

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Adjunct Professors Deserve Better Pay and Benefits

September 7, 2021 For nearly 20 years, Sally Bartlett has taught English composition as an adjunct professor. She has a love for language and continues her work to help teach the next generation about the...

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A Message Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations

August 23, 2021 As we see more of our members and their families personally facing the realities of the coronavirus, we wanted to reach out to you. We have witnessed members of all ages dealing with...

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Why We Need a People’s Rescue Plan in St Petersburg

August 13, 2021 St Petersburg is going through an unprecedented period of challenge, and the strain on our residents, school board employees, bus drivers and city workers has intensified significantly in...

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President’s Message on Legislative Session

April 9, 2021 We are called to action in this moment, and how we respond will impact you, your family, your coworkers and every worker employed long after you retire. Florida Senate Bills 78, 84 and 1014...

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In Memory of Terrance Holland

April 7, 2021 Mr. Terrance Holland, an employee with the City of Riviera Beach for eight years, was a Water and Sewer Maintenance Mechanic with the Utility Special District. Mr. Holland left this life...

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The Union Leadership Academy

February 28, 2021 If you are looking to develop and refine your skills as a union leader at SEIU Florida Public Services Union please register now for the Union Leadership Academy. Our extended training...

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Workers Are at the Table in Florida Politics Like Never Before

February 25, 2021 SEIU-FPSU President Alphonso Mayfield has been named Vice Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Politics in Florida have long been brutal for working families, especially people of color....

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Palm Beach County Municipal Election Endorsements

February 22, 2021 It’s time to get out the vote in Palm Beach County for our communities and the members of SEIU Florida Public Services Union. With municipal elections quickly approaching in Boca...

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A Slap in the Face to Adjuncts Like Me

January 30, 2021 Terrie Lee • SPC Adjunct and Union Member After more than a year of bargaining between adjunct faculty and the St Petersburg college administration, our first collective bargaining...

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