SEIU Safety & Health Resources

SEIU’s commitment to workers and our families extends to our safety and health—on and off the job. That’s why we’ve put together booklets outlining the risks and what we need to protect ourselves. The booklets can be ordered from SEIU’s Fulfillment Center by calling (202) 842-9872. Those unavailable in hard copy will soon be available in PDF format.

Is Your Building Making You Sick?

This 35-page training workbook provides SEIU members with an understanding of the causes of indoor air quality problems, and the tools to persuade employers and building owners to make indoor work environments safe and healthful. This workbook teaches workers how to work together and organize their co-workers to solve sick building syndrome problems.

Not available in hard copies.

Assault on the Job We Can Do Something About Workplace Violence

This 35-page workbook provides SEIU union leaders, staff, and members with the information and tools needed to understand and address assault and the threat of violence on the job.

Not available in hard copies.

Other Resources on Workplace Safety & Health