Contract Highlights

    • No Overload Assignments
      In a major step forward for the job security of adjuncts at SPC, we have bargained to ensure that once a course assignment has been made in writing, it cannot be cancelled to give as an overload assignment to full time faculty. This bargaining gain will protect an adjunct from having a class unilaterally canceled, while providing added financial security after assignments have been agreed to.

    • Class Cancelation Fee
      No longer will we go uncompensated for our time and effort preparing classes that are abruptly cancelled. For courses canceled within two-weeks of the start date, adjuncts will receive a one-time payment of $150. This item addresses our demand that the administration value and recognize the work we do to prepare for classroom learning. It also discourages last minute cancellations that can severely impact our ability to financially plan and ultimately make ends meet.

    • Economic Reopener in 2021
      Early next year we will return to bargaining for increased compensation and additional assignments. It is essential that we enter these negotiations with a mandate for our demands and a majority of adjuncts activated as union members at SPC. We must also stand together with SEIU adjuncts across Florida to fight for public investments that will provide funding and fair wages at our colleges and universities.

    • Advance Notice of Assignments
      Last minute notice of course assignments has created unnecessary instability and stress for adjuncts. With this in mind, we have successfully bargained for language that establishes a standard of submitting course offers in writing to adjuncts at least three-weeks in advance of an assignment.

    • First-Round Interviews
      We successfully bargained to ensure that adjuncts with at least five years of continuous instruction at the college will be given first-round interviews for full-time positions that become open. This will lead to more job stability and security for SPC adjuncts and promote professional development of the current faculty.

    • Academic Freedom Language
      To protect the integrity of our work as educators we pushed for contractual language that codifies adjuncts’ right to academic freedom. Faculty are afforded the freedom to cultivate a spirit of inquiry in an atmosphere where ideas, opinions and creativity are valued and scholarly analysis encouraged. Faculty are free in their classroom, research and public expression to exercise and embrace academic freedom.

    • Adjunct Rosters
      To ensure that current adjunct faculty are considered for new openings and opportunities, we have successfully bargained to establish “adjunct rosters” that will provide an up-to-date listing of adjuncts who are available for consideration when course openings become available.

    • Union Representation
      By passing our first contract we will secure an array of rights that give us a voice in the workplace like never before. This is possible because we came together and formed our union, giving us a seat at the table while making critical decisions that impact operations at SPC. Among these include a grievance procedure that establishes a systematic and transparent process to address violations of our agreement and defend the rights of union members. We are also entitled to bargain the impacts of any future changes that may impact our compensation or working conditions, including those related to COVID-19.

Contracts & Agreements


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