Our Chapter

Our Jacksonville Head Start unit has the most stable membership and leadership in FPSU. We know struggle and hard work, firsthand. We wouldn’t be denied the chance to organize ourselves with SEIU and no one conducts more effective contract campaigns. We have been employees of LSF since June 1, 2014. As with any transitions, change has been a roller coaster. But our perseverance and knowing keeping our voices in the forefront, we must keep our union. We will have our election to vote for our union representation very soon. We need all on board! We’ve won before and we will do it again!

Chapter Leaders

  • Cheryl Lewis-Hamilton (Chief Steward, Executive Board Member)
    (904) 899-3640
    Language: English

Contracts & Agreements

1095 A. Phillip Randolph Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32206 Phone (904) 503-9173