For over 30 years, anti-union legislators in Florida have been threatening to pass laws that attempt to strip unions of power. But, this year, a new law has passed that takes away members’ choice to have our dues deducted from our paychecks. It would also requires that unions maintain our membership at 60% or face decertification.

We’re prepared and fighting back. To protect our contract, our union, and our ability to keep fighting for higher wages and other benefits, public employee members should sign up on the SEIU FPSU Member Portal, an online system where we pay our dues and sign our membership cards.

The new system is secure and simple. All you need is a credit card. Dues will be pulled from your account once a month on your choice of either the 1st or 15th day of the month.

Need help signing up? Watch this video!


Below are some frequently asked questions about the new system:

Q: If I already pay dues through my employer, why do I need to pay dues through this new system?

Regardless if you’re a long-term dues-paying union member or a new member, you will use SEIU FPSU Member Portal to commit to your union and change the way you pay dues. 

Q: Why do I need to sign up now? 

The law is expected to be enacted in July. To be prepared, every member must sign up to switch how they are paying dues so we are ready and no one has a lapse in membership.

If everyone signs up now, we are better able to protect our contract and stay strong. The SEIU-FPSU Member Portal helps protect our ability to join together in our union, all the rights and benefits we have won in our contract, and our ability to fight back against anti-union laws and policies into the future. 

Without our union, we have far less power to fight back when bad bosses unjustly discipline, suspend or terminate a worker. If we lose our union, we lose our contract that ensures we have a voice in important benefits like a retirement plan and standards for safe workplace conditions. 

Q: But, will I be charged twice? Once by my employer and once on my credit card, once I sign up?

Deduction of dues from your personal account will not start until after your employer stops deducting dues from your paycheck. If you notice dues being deducted from your credit card before your paycheck deduction stops, please contact Angelina at (561) 965-0077

Q: What about overdraft fees? 

Using a credit card means you shouldn’t have to worry about overdraft fees. 

If you do not have sufficient funds or your payment fails for other reasons, you will receive an email and/or SMS text prompting you to update your info. 

Q: Is using the SEIU FPSU Member Portal safe? 

YES! SEIU-FPSU staff do not collect or store your credit card information in our databases, therefore we cannot share or lose your account data. Using a third-party system, currently Stripe or Square, communication is facilitated between your credit card company and your union’s bank account to complete a credit card payment. It’s just like paying a restaurant with a credit card, but even safer! 

Q:  Will I be paying the same amount? 

Currently, regular monthly dues uniformly applicable to members of FPSU range from approximately $30-40 depending on the calculation of 1.56% of base salary. A proposed change to the dues structure in the FPSU Constitution and Bylaws is currently going to a vote of FPSU membership. Contact your union organizer for more information.

Q: Do I have to sign up twice if I have two employers and both are SEIU-FPSU union jobs? 

By signing up through the new system, your membership is valid at all places where you are employed and where SEIU-FPSU has a current contract. You will only need to sign up once.