January 19, 2021


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All Hands on Deck GOTV

We are joining forces to turn out the vote on November 3rd and we need your help! Dust off your boots and cape like the election superhero you are and join our team of volunteers Saturday (10/24) at 10am. This election you are the October Surprise! We are calling working families from across the State of Florida and looking good while doing it. Make sure to dress up as your favorite superhero using items from around your home.

Phone Bank
Use or share this code with your phone bankers to access this Virtual Phone Bank: 17F4C4N-788204

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Write an Editorial
Writing a letter to the editor is easy and can help us spread the word about our demands. Please limit your writing to 150 words. Talking points are below:

  • As Florida has cut funding for higher education, colleges and universities have depended on lower-paid adjunct faculty who often rely on food stamps, Medicaid and other government programs to get by.
  • Annual pay for adjuncts is almost impossible to live on—forcing many to teach at multiple colleges or work outside education entirely
  • Tuition is up 59 percent, and student debt in Florida has grown faster than in any other state over the past three years.
  • This moment calls for a bold reinvestment that fully funds our colleges and universities for all to attend, addresses student debt and ensures that all educators make a living wage.
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