Tentative Agreement

The SEIU- Florida Public Services Union Pinellas County Schools Bargaining committee and the Pinellas County School District have reached tentative agreement on a 3.25% wage increase for all SEIU represented employees retroactive to July 1, 2020. Additionally, as part of collaborative insurance bargaining between the District and all unions, we have agreed to changes that include an additional $6m of Board contribution to the health insurance plan and changes that keep the plan among the best of all Florida school districts. See proposed changes here.

Voting Times & Locations

Please see below for voting times and locations. The final vote count will be transmitted via email after the final tally.

  • Tarpon Springs Bus Compound | 5am–2pm
  • Coachmen Bus Compound | 5am–2pm
  • 49th Street Bus Compound | 5am–2pm
  • WPSC cafeteria | 5am–330pm
  • Lealman Bus Compound | 5am–12pm



  • Isaline “Izzy” Boston-Boyd, Organizer  |  727.798.4312  |  isaline.boyd@seiufpsu.org

Chapter Leaders

  • Sonya D. Roundtree
    Chapter Chair, PCS
    Vice President for Operations, SEIU-FPSU
  • Mike Plott
    Vice Chapter Chair, PCS
    Executive Board Member, SEIU-FPSU
  • Richard “Mac” MacDonald
    Chapter Secretary,PCS
    Vice President for Finance, SEIU-FPSU
  • Talmadge Andrews
    Chief Steward
    Executive Board Member, SEIU-FPSU


  • Katherine Harriel
  • Katrina Peterson
  • Brian Wilson
  • Mike Plott
  • Rebecca “Becky” Dean – Executive Board Member, SEIU-FPSU
  • Jerry Workman
  • Richard “Mac” MacDonald


  • Tia Blunt
  • Earline Moye
  • Sonja Cheaves

Contracts & Agreements

Member Resources

Employer Address

301 Fourth St, SW
Largo, FL. 33770-3536
(727) 588-6000