Members Approved the Dues Changes

May 27, 2023 / Comments Off on Members Approved the Dues Changes



Update: Executive Board has approved a monthly flat rate dues for Adjuncts and Part Time Employees (As classified by the employers) at 17 dollars a month. 

The changes proposed to SEIU Florida Public Services Union’s and AESOP’s Constitution and Bylaws to ensure we are keeping up with the growing needs of our expanding Union is now approved by the members after a mail ballot election.

The amendments are in Article X (Revenue). These changes are to ensure that the Union has alternative and efficient means of dues collection in case employers stop deducting the dues through paycheck as a result of the changes in the laws. These changes will give us the ability to strengthen the union and keep on protecting our rights and contracts.

As per the changes approved by the members, the Union Dues will be a flat rate of 35 dollars.

Executive Board will now approve a lower special dues rate for Adjuncts and other Part Time members based on their unique circumstances.

The amendments in AESOP Bylaws are to make sure that all AESOP members have the same rights as all other FPSU members and are governed in a more transparent and accountable fashion. These changes are related to Board governance, Elections, membership, dues, and removing all the language that is already covered under FPSU’s Constitution and Bylaws. The changes will also ensure that AESOP Board elections and member convention is under the same schedule as FPSU.

FPSU/AESOP Approved Changes in Article X: here