SEIU 2016 General Election Endorsement List

February 22, 2016 / Comments Off on SEIU 2016 General Election Endorsement List


The members of SEIU Florida have made the following endorsements for the 2016 November General election:

President & Vice President
Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine (D)

US Senate
Patrick Murphy (D)

US Congress

  • Al Lawson (D)
    Florida’s 5th Congressional District
  • Stephanie Murphy (D)
    Florida’s 7th Congressional District
  • Darren Soto (D)
    Florida’s 9th Congressional District
  • Val Demings (D)
    Florida’s 10th Congressional District
  • Charlie Crist (D)
    Florida’s 13th Congressional District
  • Kathy Castor (D)
    Florida’s 14th Congressional District
  • April Freeman (D)
    Florida’s 17th Congressional District
  • Randy Perkins (D)
    Florida’s 18th Congressional District
  • Alcee Hastings (D)
    Florida’s 20th Congressional District
  • Lois Frankel
    Florida’s 21st Congressional District
  • Ted Deutch (D)
    Florida’s 22nd Congressional District
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)
    Florida’s 23rd Congressional District
  • Frederica Wilson (D)
    Florida’s 24th Congressional District
  • Joe Garcia (D)
    Florida’s 26th Congressional District
  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R)
    Florida’s 27th Congressional District

Florida Senate

  • Rod Smith (D)
    Florida Senate District 8
  • Randolph Bracy (D)
    Florida Senate District 11
  • Linda Stewart (D)
    Florida Senate District 13
  • Vic Torres (D)
    Florida Senate District 15
  • Bob Beusing (D)
    Florida Senate District 18
  • Darryl Rouson (D)
    Florida Senate District 19
  • Bobby Powell (D)
    Florida Senate District 30
  • Jeff Clemens (D)
    Florida Senate District 31
  • Gary Farmer (D)
    Florida Senate District 34
  • Rene Garcia (R)
    Florida Senate District 36
  • Anitere Flores (R)
    Florida Senate District 39
  • Dwight Bullard (D)
    Florida Senate District 40

Florida House

  • Ramon Alexander (D)
    Florida House District 8
  • Loranne Ausley (D)
    Florida House District 9
  • Reggie Fullwood (D)*
    Florida House District 13
    *(Due to Fullwood’s late withdrawal, his name will remain on ballot but votes will go to the Democratic nominee, Tracie Davis)
  • Amanda Murphy (D)
    Florida House District 36
  • Benny Valentine (D)
    Florida House District 42
  • John Cortes (D)
    Florida House District 43
  • Beth Tuura (D)
    Florida House District 47
  • Amy Mercado (D)
    Florida House District 48
  • Carlos Guillermo Smith (D)
    Florida House District 49
  • Rena Frazier (D)
    Florida House District 59
  • David Singer (D)
    Florida House District 60
  • Lisa Montelione (D)
    Florida House District 63
  • Ben Diamond (D)
    Florida House District 68
  • Jennifer Webb (D)
    Florida House District 69
  • Edward James III (D)
    Florida House District 72
  • Robert Simeone (D)
    Florida House District 85
  • Matt Wilhite (D)
    Florida House District 86
  • Lori Berman (D)
    Florida House District 90
  • Ken Keechl (D)
    Florida House District 93
  • Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich (D)
    Florida House District 103
  • Patricio Moreno (D)
    Florida House District 105
  • Nick Duran (D)
    Florida House District 112
  • David Richardson (D)
    Florida House District 113
  • Daisy Baez (D)
    Florida House District 114
  • Robert Ascencio (D)
    Florida House District 118
  • Jenniffer Pinell (D)
    Florida House District 119

State Attorney

  • Aramis Ayala (D)
    9th Judicial Circuit
  • Andrew Warren
    13th Judicial Circuit

Constitutional Amendment No. 1

Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice
Vote No

Constitutional Amendment No. 2

Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions
Vote Yes

Broward County

  • Michael Udine
    County Commission, District 3
  • Steve Geller
    County Commission, District 5
  • Dale V.C. Holness
    County Commission, District 9
  • Scott Israel
  • Hazelle Rogers
    Lauderdale Lakes Mayor
  • Sandra Davey
    Lauderdale Lakes City Commission, Seat 4

Hillsborough County

  • Pat Frank
    Clerk of Court 

Lake County

  • Sandy Gamble
    School Board 4
  • Paul Giacalone
    Minneola City Commission

Miami-Dade County

  • Sandra Ruiz
    Doral Mayor
  • Carol “Jodie” Breece (Co-endorsed)
    Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts (Co-endorsed)
    Circuit Court Judge, Group 52
  • City of Miami Charter Amendment No. 3
    Providing Further Independence of the Civilian Investigative Panel
    Vote Yes

Orange County

  • Emily Bonilla
    County Commission, District 5
  • Charter Amendment Question No. 1
    Reforming Initiative Process to Provide Clarity, Accountability, and Transparency, and Ensure Equal Treatment of Voters
    Vote No
  • Charter Amendment Question No. 2
    Changing County Constitutional Officers to Charter Officers and Providing for Nonpartisan Elections and Term Limits
    Vote No
  • Charter Amendment Question No. 3
    Preserving Term Limits and Nonpartisan Elections for County Constitutional and Charter Officers
    Vote No

Osceola County

  • Julio Diaz
    County Commission, District 3
  • Jeff Rivera
    County Commission, District 5

Palm Beach County

  • David Kerner
    County Commission District 3
  • Palm Beach County District Schools, Cities and County Government Infrastructure One-Cent Sales Surtax
    Vote Yes

Pinellas County

  • Carol Cook
    Pinellas School Board 5
  • Charlie Justice
    County Commission, District 3
  • Julie Brujalski
    Dunedon Mayor
  • Approval of the Continuation of One-Half Mill Ad Valorem Tax for School District Operating Expenses
    Vote Yes