A Message Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations

August 23, 2021 / Comments Off on A Message Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations


As we see more of our members and their families personally facing the realities of the coronavirus, we wanted to reach out to you. We have witnessed members of all ages dealing with life-threatening complications and hospitalizations. In the course of this crisis we have heard painful stories of public employees and educators that have told us firsthand that this was the worst illness they have ever experienced. Many have explained the agony that they felt when they were unable to take a single deep breath. All of these workers told us that they wished they would have been vaccinated. 

We know that there has been a lot of debate regarding the vaccine. This message is not meant to engage in that debate, as we understand the decision to be vaccinated is a personal one to be made between you and your doctor. That being said, your health and safety is the number one priority of SEIU Florida Public Services Union, and we want every single one of our members to enjoy a long and healthy career serving our communities.

Our goal in writing to you today is to ask you to speak to your doctor and to give serious thought and consideration about whether the vaccine is right for you. Even if you have considered this in the past, we ask that you take another look now as there is new data and information gathered by the medical community every day. 

Please take a moment to review the latest information our international union has collected regarding this important issue and how you can protect yourself, your family and your coworkers. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact your union representative. Above all, please take care of yourself and each other.