City Workers Vote for Impasse in Wage Dispute

February 4, 2022 / Comments Off on City Workers Vote for Impasse in Wage Dispute


More than 200 employees joined last night’s emergency bargaining council and voted to reject the city’s current offer.

Last night’s Emergency Bargaining Council was attended by employees from all SEIU-FPSU represented bargaining units at the City of St Petersburg. After presentations by the City and the Union on their positions, employees deliberated and voted to reject the current offer and allow City Council to rule on the terms of our agreement.

Please understand, if an impasse ruling were to go against the Union’s position, employees do not face losing the current offer of a 3% GWI plus a 2% Step-Progression Increase based on successfully completing an annual evaluation, including retroactive pay back to September 27, 2021.

Many that have reached out to the Union over the past several weeks have assumed this would be the case. However, the impasse process is not an “all-or-nothing” affair. We encourage employees not to feel pressured to accept a deal for fear of losing wages, as retroactive pay has already been agreed to.

In fact, we are optimistic the Union could receive a favorable ruling that ensures employees’ Step-Progression Pay is not tied to the outcomes of annual evaluations until a fair system is developed that allows workers to review their managers at the same time.

A favorable ruling could also mean much needed compensation in times of record inflation and historic rent increases. That money would be lost if employees accept before allowing City Council to consider our positions in light of emerging budget priorities (click here to read more).

Please click here to compare the bargaining positions of your Union and the City on Step-Progression Pay using our wage increase calculator. Adjust the years to calculate how these two positions will impact you financially over a period of time.

We ask all employees to understand that this process is not an “all-or-nothing” affair. If we cannot do better through impasse proceedings, employees receive nothing less than what has already been offered—including retroactive pay.

The real cost involved is that time we must wait for a ruling, and the City will have the ability to determine the speed of that process, whether it be a matter of weeks or a matter of months. We are hopeful for the quickest and fairest resolution possible for all employees.

In the meantime, we are calling on all city employees to join the planned demonstration at City Hall on Thursday, February 17 at 5pm (please click here to register). SEIU Florida Public Services Union is calling all members and nonmembers to stand with residents demanding a housing state of emergency and emergency rent control as housing costs have soared across our city.

As we fight for fair pay, we will be standing with our community allies at the People’s Council of St Petersburg to demand a place in our city for all working families. We ask you to join and help us bring light to the struggle of workers trying to hang on in a city where everything is going up faster than our pay.

We hope that our commitment to democracy and transparency has been self-evident in this bargaining process, and we would like to thank all those who contributed to last night’s conversation. This is your union, and it’s your workplace. We will keep you informed of any important updates regarding the status of negotiations. Please join us at City Hall for the planned demonstration on Thursday, February 17 at 5pm. Click here to register.

If you are not currently a member, please click here to join online today and support the men and women who make this important work possible in your workplace and community.

Should the Blue Collar Unit accept the City’s offer?

88% – No
9% – Yes
1% – Abstain

Should the White Collar Unit accept the City’s offer?

76% – No
20% – Yes
1% – Abstain

Should the Professional Unit accept the City’s offer?

56% – No
43% – Yes
0% – Abstain