SSC Part Time Faculty Voted to Ratify 6% Wage Increase

July 22, 2022 / Comments Off on SSC Part Time Faculty Voted to Ratify 6% Wage Increase


Faculty voted overwhelmingly to support their Member-Led Bargaining Committee

Seminole State College Part Time Faculty and SEIU Florida Public Services Union members have ratified their wage increase. The vote to approve the 6% increase to base wages and an additional round of wage bargaining for a potential raise in Spring 2023 is a positive step for future negotiations with the college.

We want to highlight and congratulate all the work that contributed to this win by members and leaders. Your member-led bargaining committee serves to improve the teaching conditions of all Part Time Faculty at Seminole State College. If you want to support your colleagues in the two upcoming rounds of wage bargaining in the 2022-23 academic year, sign up to become a member today. Join Today! 

Now that the workers have had their say and approved the Article 9 Wage Re-opener the Agreement heads to the Seminole State Board of Trustees for a final ratification. The Board is set to meet on August 15, your union will keep you up-to-date on this process.

The upcoming academic year will be a busy one: we will start bargaining on the full Collective Bargaining Agreement this Fall, and we will bargain again this Fall Session for a potential wage increase for Spring 2023.

To continue this momentum and secure future wins we will need your contribution of talent and leadership to your union at Seminole State College.

Let’s do this together.

Final Vote Count Totals

Yes – 24
No – 0
Provisional – 1

Final Vote Count by Day

Day 1: YES: 4 – NO: 0 – Provisional: 0

Day 2: YES: 6 – NO: 0 – Provisional: 0

Day 3: YES: 5 – NO: 0 – Provisional: 0

Day 4: YES: 9 – NO: 0 – Provisional: 1